Troye Sivan fashion

As Troye Sivan dropped the music video for his new song Easy, we can’t help ourselves but go woooh as we jam to it multiple times. While the song’s extremely catchy music accompanied by its rhythmic drum beats make the song audibly groovy despite its melancholic lyrics, his brown blazer paired with a shirt in a similar shade along with the shiny leather gloves and black tie remind us of all the times Troye Sivan’s fashion was on point. Here are some of the looks that were absolutely great.


Troye Sivan fashion

Troye went all exquisite, and fashion-forward with his outfits in his music video for Bloom. Starting with a white shirt and black pants that were styled with a red velvet cloth wrapped around his waist, the look was perfected further with the red lipstick and eye-shadow makeup making the singer look elegant as usual. The way something as ordinary as a white shirt and black pants were elevated to look bold and stunning is what makes this particular ensemble notable.

Described as “Chic Genderqueer Fantasy” by Paper Magazine in the time of its release during pride month, Kyle Luu’s styling throughout the video celebrated androgynous fashion. A mustard yellow coat and a Philip Treacy for Valentino headpiece in cyan blue taken from Valentino’s Spring Couture 2018’s opening look, added with black pants and white boots – the entire look definitely resonated sass and confidence.

Lucky Strike

Troye Sivan
Photo Credits: Screenshot from Troye Sivan Lucky Strike

Troye’s simple yet stylish beach look from Lucky Strike – an oversized white shirt with red stripes from Hardeman paired with a black swim shorts from Kenzo  – was styled by designer Sophie Hardeman . The relaxed-fit of the clothes combined with white sneakers and socks epitomised comfort. With Troye looking effortlessly cool in the look, it is an inspiration for a summer wardrobe.

Dance To This

An absolute treasure for both Troye’s and Ariana Grande’s fans is this number, Dance To This, in the studio album, Bloom. Like the lyric in the song goes, “Under the kitchen lights, you still look like dynamite,” Troye in the blue suit and yellow shirt accessorised with chunky white sneakers also looked dynamite in that classroom setting. The loose fit of the suit and the white shoes gave the look its casualness, thus resulting in a well-balanced fusion of formal and streetwear.

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