Committed to promote the Hong Kong fashion scene to a global level, the non-profit organisation Fashion Farm Foundation (FFF)  has continued to support local designers to promote their brands internationally ‒ the primary purpose of its HKFG project. 

Similarly, this year FFF’s HKFG Paris AW20 supports eight local labels  – ANAÏS JOURDENCYNTHIA & XIAO, FROM ANOTHER PLANETS, FromClothingOf, KA WA KEY, W;nk, YAH! and YEUNG CHIN to present their latest collection at the upcoming Paris Fashion Week

Looking at each label individually, FROM ANOTHER PLANETS’ show ‒ its first time presenting in Paris ‒ will have an intergalactic theme that is influenced by the sci-fi film Ready Player One. It will be a multi-sensory experience that is reminiscent of the brand’s identity. 

Following it, the fashion house KA WA KEY which has already given successful shows in the city – Paris Fashion Week SS19 and SS20 – will put a presentation that will take inspiration from the popular French tale Le Petit Prince (The Little Prince). In it, the audience take the role of the little prince ‒ the protagonist of the book ‒ as they see the brand’s clothing line in a setting that will be similar to a fantasy island.

More importantly, with sustainability becoming crucial in the fashion industry Hong Kong’s designers have also been doing their part, and this time three labels ‒ FromClothingOfYAH! and W;nk have put conscious style on the forefront.

As for FromClothingOf, the brand’s show focuses on how versatile clothing is the best option. For it, the label uses limited pieces to put together different styles that are timeless. The vintage brand YAH! will be promoting slow fashion with a collection that is entirely made from recycling fabrics and old garments that it collected from all over the world. Lastly, the bijouterie mark W;nk has used waste plastic and resin with pure gold to create exceptional ornaments. 

Apart from Paris Fashion Week, FFF will also be taking these eight labels to Dubai to take part at the 10th Arab Fashion Week.   

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